About us

Michel Michaud, The Builder

Being from Northern New Brunswick, I’ve spent plenty of time sledding through our beautiful Appalachian mountains through powdery snow, and many days on the ATV on the endless trails through Restigouche County and Gaspesie, Québec.

When it comes to loading, I think I’ve seen it all, from 2 x 6 to ramp safety chains and straps. You may have seen someone come close to getting hurt while loading a vehicle. Reduce the risk even more with traction through ramp to box fixed pivot points, reduced incline, effortless ramp to box transition that all fits easily under your tonneau cover. But even more, we took the tailgate out of the equation. Keep it on, remove it, you won’t have to cross or load your tailgate anymore.

Make loading and unloading safer.

Michel Michaud
The Builder