Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ramp fit my truck?

The Gator Ramp will fit in any truck or van with a bed of at least 75 inches long and at least 50 inches wide.


2011 GMC Sierra
2006 Ford full-size cargo van
Dodge Sprinter or Mercedes high top vans
Toyota Tundra(Full Size)

What are the full dimensions of the ramp?

Weight: Approximately 229 lbs ( 103kg )

Overall outside width: 49.5 inches


Total length folded: 75 inches

Open total length: 93.5 inches


Overall width 48.5 inches

Overall length 86.0 inches

If I have a Bed liner in my truck will the ramp still fit ?

Yes except Dodge, that only has 6’3 box and that’s min length.

Is it hard to install?

We designed Gator Ramps to be easy to use and low maintenance. The all-aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware means you won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion. Check out our Installation and Maintenance page for more info.

Is it guaranteed?

Limited manufacturers one year warranty – Contact dealer or manufacturer

Is the Gator Ramp safe to use?

At Gator Ramp, safety is our top priority. Check out our Safety page for more information and a demo from Michel, the builder.

What are the shipping options

We ship to Canada and the United States. Contact us for more details.

Is a tonneau cover required in the winter?

No, but it will keep your ramp free of ice and snow and will make it much easier to operate.

I don‘t have a tonneau cover and it rained and froze everything solid couldn’t even open my truck door what should I do?

Bring the truck in for thawing and drying then get a tonneau cover and use the command start to defrost your truck.

My truck bed is metal and the ramp mounting plates are aluminum, will this be a problem for corrosion?

In that case it’s imperative that you put a thin sheet of rubber or plastic between the truck bed and mounting plates to avoid any oxidation.

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